Saturday, May 03, 2014

Why I Love Grocery Shopping Now

Oh, Dear Readers. What a wonderful gift I have for you today!

I grocery shop at a small, locally-owned store with only a few in its chain. It's a quirky place that not only has wonderful produce at ridiculously low prices, but it also has several aisles of Closeouts. These items range from furniture and bicycles to clothing and dog beds. I often get awesome deals on Target clothes that are regularly priced at say, $17.99, but at Marc's are $1.99 or less. If you don't block out at least an hour and a half for your grocery shopping, you might miss something amazing.

Anyway, back to your gift. While shopping at a Marc's earlier this week, I came upon this sign. It is Magnificent in its Deep Confusion and Wrongness.

You're welcome.


  1. My poor nect needs a scoop T!

    Happy Birthday Nance, I hope you do something lovely today. Your B-Span bunny is very cute.

  2. Sounds vaguely Elizabethan, perhaps a line from one of the lesser16th century plays--"Out, thou scoop-nect Jade!"

  3. J@jj--Thank you! I trust Ted had a great one as well.

    fauxprof--Now that you say it, it really does. Ah, if only the fine employees at Marc's were inclined to that kind of irony...!

  4. Do you suppose that this sign is a blip or the norm? I find it delightful-- once. But if I saw too many like this one, I'd go bonkers & shop elsewhere.

  5. Silly people. They put "scoop" instead of "scoopt."

    Seriously, I am so out of it. I had to google "Core Cami" because I had no idea what it was. Now I know: Very Scoopt Nect Tee with Spaghetti Strapts. OR: Something women of a certain age are not likely to purchase, even on sale. LOL.

  6. oh, crap, I totally forgot I was going to wish you a belated happy birthday!! I hope it was nice and that you filled your nect with a lot of nice nectar.

  7. I got side-tracked by the cami (because I read it as "camo" at first & thought, how fashionable!), but here I am laughing out loud again at your blog. This is even better than the eye browns from my dad's mall manicure shop :)

  8. Bug--I'm so glad to be able to bring you a laugh. That makes me happier than you know.

    Ortizzle--Thank you, dear. I had way too many nectars, unfortunately. Four martinis! What was I thinking? But they were so good. One for an aperitif, and the rest were dessert. Two were "gift" martinis, one provided by the chef/owner of the restaurant,so I feel like I HAD to drink that one, and the other by Rick's boss, so again, COULD NOT REFUSE. Let's just say that May 4 was NOT the Best Day To Be 55. LOL.

    Ortizzle--Back when I was very teeny tiny and in a size 0, I wore those camis like it was my job. I have a drawerfull in every colour imaginable. (Magenta? Teal? Tangerine? But of course!) Now, I wear them under stuff for warmth mostly, but they are headed for the garage sale, I think. Menopause + Meds = Tiny Is A Memory.

    Ally B--Definitely a blip. Marc's doesn't use too much signage, come to think of it. Just price alerts, like NOW $1. It looked like someone got creative on his/her own. I agree. It's like the dollar store Hamber Buns sign. After a while, that would chip away at my soul.


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