Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today Is The Day That Walgreens Has A Deal For You! Bring A Red Pen, Though.

I had another post in the works, but my daughter Kait snapped this shot for me at a Walgreens, and I could not--no, I dare not--make it wait.

How--please, do tell me--how does one go so terribly, horribly wrong like this?  I mean, really, not even close.  Where is the L ?  Was he or she making a sign for candles and suddenly his/her boss said, "Hey!  How many times I gotta axe you?  Get that calendar sign made and up, like right now!"?  And in his/her panic, this sign was unfortunately born?  Why is it still here?  And, most importantly, since this is Jared's favourite Walgreens, why has he not done something about it?

I'm worried that this sort of thing is epidemic among Walgreens stores.  My local Walgreens constantly misspells words on their marquee sign out front, and I am continually having to call them to gently bring it to their attention.  My kind admonition remains:  Look at the item in front of you. Likely it has the word ON IT.  USE IT AS YOUR GUIDE.

And how many of us are appreciating the kind placement of the Cleveland Browns travel mugs above said candendars?  "Hey!  You know what day it is?  The day you buy a Cleveland Browns travel mug to go with your puppy-, landscape-, Hello Kitty-, lighthouse-, horse-, kitten-, or floral-themed candendar! YESSSS!"

Full price on those, though.


  1. I have to call into question the pricing. Is it 33% off the already marked down price of $1 or $2? Is the 50% sign an additional discount? Or is the marked down price posted? I realize a high school kid probably set up this display, but is the manager even paying attention? I'm confused. Maybe I'll just continue to use the calendar on my phone.

  2. maybe the people who reject science are also rejecting spellin ;)

  3. I'm thinkin' I really, really need that front row Puppies Candendar. (Remember to pronounce it "can-DEN-dar" so it rolls off the tongue more easily.) What's even stranger to me is the fact that the usual ignornant-person spelling error was not made, i.e., spelling the ending -ER instead of -AR. Kind of like my students who ask me "grammer" questions, lol.

    Sidebar: Piper & Marlowe's currently posted pic would make a great cover for a ... Kitty Kandendar. :-)

  4. I may be worn down after years of witnessing spelling and grammar atrocities, but I really just feel thankful the sign doesn't read, "Candendar's now 33% off."
    I'll take a straightforward spelling error any day.
    It's actually rather refreshing.


  5. Hi Nance,

    Ortizzle has a great idea about the Kandendar featuring your two
    kitties..Piper and Marlowe.

    The spelling ,with a K, makes me think that the product would be a great seller at the Munchen Walgreens at the corner of Freude and Gesundheit..

  6. Ms Caroline--You poor beaten-down thing, you. Your despair simply radiates from this comment. I remember feeling exactly the same way. Take a long, quiet bath in a darkened bathroom with silence or soft music, a glass of your favourite beverage, and permit absolutely no interruption, including any pet that may throw its entire body against the door (as my cats have always done). Focus on breathing and relaxing. I find mint and/or lavender a very calming scent.

    Ortizzle--I do love puppy pictures, and I frequently call the cattens my "puppycats" because of the way they persist in following me around. Marlowe even plays fetch.

    RE: the spelling of candendars. I marvelled at the same thing. How can you go so egregiously awry and still remember that the word uses an "a" in the final syllable? It's perplexing.

    I'm severely ashamed at my lack of thoughtfulness. I have meant to email you for weeks now to check up on you and inquire about how you're doing after your surgery, etc. There is absolutely no adequate excuse. I am on it forthwith.

    Sillyak--That can certainly be the case in Ohio, but since this is in a Walgreens in NEO, I can accept that less readily. And the community in which this one resides is very liberal, very progessive, very gay-friendly, and very hipster. I'm kind of surprised and, of course, completely dismayed.

    Karen--I discourage heartily all use of Mathy Discourse on the blog, but since I adore you, I will allow you to blather on about numbers and percentages and hypoteneuses (hypotenii?) and polynomials to your heart's content. Just don't expect me to offer any sort of intelligent response other than "Hmmm...I would say it depends upon the vagaries of the Economy" or "I blame the republicans and the ravages of fighting two largely unnecessary wars at the same time" or "Hey, that's Math and that makes it Rick's department."

    PS--I cannot live without the calendar on my phone.

  7. Nancy--You must have sneaked in your comment as I was busy answering the others.

    LOL about the "new" Valgreens. And it reminds me about a discussion I had with Rick once in the car. I asked him if all Walgreens were on corners. He said he never thought about it. We started paying attention, and every single one we saw was, indeed, on a corner. Lesson is, buy a corner lot zoned commercial in a municipality that does not yet have a Walgreens. LOL.

  8. I'm guessing that plenty of folks noticed the spelling error (a rather unbelievable one at that, but I see many spelling errors today and, sadly make a few myself with speed typing or fuzzing thinking) after the fact, but didn't care enough to do anything about it. If shoppers brought the error to someone's attention, they were probably met with a shrug from someone who thought the calendars would be gone soon enough, which would solve the problem. Of course, that's if they gave the matter any thought at all.

    I think new Walgreens are on corners. I've noticed that CVS and Rite-Aid pharmacies tend to locate on corners around here, too, when possible. Of course, if they take over an existing pharmacy, it's not as common for them to be on corners. For example, the Walgreens on Duval Street in Key West is not on the corner. I have been in that Walgreens more than any other as they only recently started popping up around here. Many of the northern chains (Walgreens, Sheets, Wawa, etc.) have been steadily spreading south.


  9. Shirley--That's a whopping typo, though. It's one thing, I think, for you or I to make an error in a note to a friend or spouse, or to misspell something in a quick comment. It's another thing entirely to have signage in a business with an egregious error on display, whether it is employee-generated or corporate-issued. I completely agree with you--the apathy on display here is stunning.

    As to the Walgreens on the corners issue, that's a great point. I know that Walgreens new slogan says, "At the corner of happy and healthy" or something like that. And I wasn't really that familiar with Walgreens until they razed an ice cream stand and a truly awful rundown tenement to build in our area on a corner. I bet corner Walgreens are new and a desired location, but if they have to buy an existing store, it's no dealbreaker. And the CVS and Rite Aid in our town are on corners, too. Sigh. Another myth busted.

  10. Oh that's just SO SAD. And hilarious. Maybe when they noticed they decided it was ironic?

    And this reminds me that I have a calendar kit that I've been meaning to use. I already picked out the pictures for the months. And now it's January 18. I'm thinking my new calendar will start in February :)

  11. Bug--Ironic? Not. You are just so nice.

    I have a photo book kit that I meant to use as a christmas gift. Sigh. Guess what? Luckily, there are plenty of other gift giving occasions coming up.


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