Monday, April 02, 2012

Close Your Eyes And Think Of Something Blue And White...

Go on.  I'll be right here waiting.  Ready?  Did you think of this?

Maybe some of you did.  I might have, before.  Let me try again.  How about this?

Did I get a few more of you that time?  We've been seeing a lot of that lately.  Here's another try.  Maybe some of you thought of this:

After all, a few of you might be on vacation someplace beachy!  Lucky you!  Still more of you may have thought of this:

I think Dorothy wore a dress made of blue gingham in The Wizard of Oz. Maybe you even thought of that.

Chances are pretty good, however, that you did not think of this:

Wait.  Let me give you the side view.
You're welcome.


  1. Ha! We have a favorite blue house on Route 68 (between Xenia & Yellow Springs). Recently it got a new paint job & it's QUITE blue - wowza! I'll have to get Mike to take a picture...

    Oh, & thank you for not leading up to UK. I didn't really want the reminder.

  2. The Bug--I just found and responded to your comment on my last post, dearest. And fear not re: "UK." I have no idea what that even is, beyond United Kingdom, which I cannot for the life of me reconcile to a blue-and-white thing. Sigh. Way to make me feel like a dunce on my own Space In The Interwebs. ;-)

  3. Once, when I was in Real estate, a man called me to have me list his house for sale.

    When I got to his home It was a white house with baby blue shutters.Presentable, but "Tired" as we used to say in those days.

    I asked him if he would consider repainting it to freshen up the appearance and he agreed that new paint would be wise. My first mistake was not asking him what color he would repaint the place.

    When I returned in 10 days I was
    astonished to see that he had painted it GOLD with ROYAL BLUE Shutters. All it needed were gas pumps and a Mini Mart to make it the largest Sunoco Station in the World.

    After six months on the market in a time when homes were selling in days we had to repaint it the original white with blue shutters.

    A SOLD sign went up in one week with the new paint.

  4. I did not think of any of those things in particular as an instantaneous reaction to blue and white. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so lots of things come to mind. That said, the instant I saw the blue willow plate I was immediately transported back to Janey Larkin and one of my favorite childhood books, Blue Willow. Not sure how many times I checked that book out of the library, but half a dozen times at least. That's my smile for the day.

  5. University of Kentucky! (How quickly the days of March Madness fall behind us...)

  6. Well, I must say these folks are attentive to detail! Is the sun in NE Ohio so strong homeowners need awnings on all their windows AND their covered porches?

  7. Blue, blew. ew.

    I collec the platters, however.

  8. V--AND SHUTTERS! This house is in my hometown, not too terribly far away from where I live now, and only a few blocks from where my younger sister and my brother and mom live. This interesting document might explain much of the house's detail. Regardless of its underlying significance or "nonverbal communication model", it is arresting. And it reminds me of the original Big Fat Greek Wedding House.

    Bug--I am not ever made Mad by March. Since I did not attend any of those colleges, I don't care. Honestly, even if THE Bowling Green State University or THE Ashland University or THE Lorain County Community College ever got into the...whatever it is, I still wouldn't give a damn.

    Ortizzle--The guessing game was merely a vehicle for my Ultimate Purpose, which was to make fun of that ostentatious house.

    That being said, I also read and enjoyed Blue Willow. But I liked Strawberry Girl better. And I was an enormous fan of the Betsy, Tacy, and Tib books as well as all the Cleary books, esp. Ramona. Did you ever read the Rupert Piper books? So funny!

    Nancy--That one was your fault. "Be Specific when dealing with the homeowner" is Rule #2 in real estate. We all know the first rule, which has become cliche. (Okay, I just made up Rule #2.)

  9. Mikey G.1:42 AM

    There's just so much wrong with that house. I love it! I think the lion statues are my favorite, though.

  10. Mary G--It's not for everyone, that's for sure.

    Mikey G--You have to admire its bold audacity, and obv. you do. I love how the lions are proudly resting a paw each atop a blue ball. And you can't quite see it, but there is a winged statue safely ensconced in the front porch proper. Sorta spooky.

  11. Oops! Busy putting out fires (figurative) and dodging tornados (real & scary).

    Huge fan of Cleary's books, and also the others except Strawberry Girl, which must be a huge gap in my childhood reading repertoire.

    The Blue & White House: as usual, I could not see the forest for the trees. So yeah, that's some kind of blue and white going on.

  12. Ortizzle--Not a big deal. Maybe, once again, I was too much in my own head and it didn't translate to my readers on the page.

    (Maybe, after about 6 more years, I'll get the hang of this online writing thing.)

  13. LOL! I'm pretty sure I blew it. :)

  14. LOL! I'm pretty sure I blew it. :)


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