Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Feature: teaparty Prodigy Of The Week

While I attempt to locate my sanity amid the boxes, I've decided to take it easy on myself and start a New Feature here at the Dept. Each week, I will find an illustrative photo of a teaparty (remember, I refuse to capitalize, and thus legitimize, this organization) member and post it here for your perusal and judgment. I consider it a Public Service.

Here, then, for your consideration, I present Exhibit #1:

Wow. Where do I begin? I'm going to not be too terribly nitpicky and just count 6 basic errors in what my students and I term "MUGS"--Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling. I'll allow the rest of you to take Points Off for lack of coherence and no central theme.



  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    No party going on there.
    In So. MD we have field parties.
    Held in some fallow field, between 11pm to 5am, a bunch of pickup trucks, lots of beer, a little Mary Jane, and healthy dose of poor judgment.
    Now that what we call a party.

  2. As the queen of those who can figure out what almost any vanity license plate means, all I can say to this picture is: HUH??

    I can imagine your first reaction, as an English teacher, to this debacle. Did you hyperventilate just a little? And if the tea partiers need to depend on members like this to continue the species, we're safe.

    I'm shuddering as I write this...

  3. Gosh. How to look like a card-carrying IDIOT in ten words or less! I tried enlarging but still can't read what the other signs say. Perhaps that's all for the better . . .

  4. I'd like to believe that this is photo-shopped, and no one is THAT dumb. But experience tells me that it's more likely a real picture. Sigh. It's only 12:30 in the afternoon, and looking at this picture makes me feel like I need a drink.

  5. Nancy4:52 PM

    This poor guy really is overtaxed. He has overtaxed his brain printing up this sign without the aid of his third grade spelling book.

    Where is Emily Latilla when you need her? Between the two of them they might have been able to correctly spell " amnesty" .

    At least Emily was funny. This guy is just sad.

  6. I have really tried to pay the least attention possible to the tea party hype. My impression is that all the participants are imbeciles so this sign doesn't surprise me in the least.

    Incidentally, when I announced to my group that we would be having a tea party for our last meeting, one of my members sent me an article on how online searches for "tea party" now primarily yield the political kind vs the traditional kind like our group just enjoyed. So, these tea parties are mucking up true tea cup events as well as MUGS, etc. :-(


  7. Oh Lord. Well, the bunny is funny, as always :)

  8. Nina--Hey, there! Where have you been? You've missed a LOT of spectacular Bunnies. As soon as I'm free, let's try to get together.

    Shirley--I know! How sad is that? Hope your own Tea Party was both civilized and erudite in contrast.

    Nancy--Good point re: "overtaxed." Sadly, I have found a seemingly limitless stream of these photos and they even have coined a term for the Hideous "Language" of the signage: Teabonics. Love that., it's real. I provided the attribution as necessitated by the source's CC licensing. These photos are everywhere and have been featured in tons of news outlets,too. Isn't it indicative of the entire "movement" and, judging by Rand Paul, their endorsed candidates?

    sputnik--Check here every week for more!

    LAFF--As an English teacher, as a liberal Dem, as a compassionate human being, as an educated person...the list is endless!

    Anonymous--I'd like to think that perhaps any combination of those could be an excuse, but I think not! LOL.

  9. Nance~I just kinda woke up today and said "Holy Crap!!! I've been sooo out of the blog world!" And rather than go post something of my own, I decided to come here! LOl! I would love to see you!!!

  10. Do you recall my having told you about my BIL, Arthur Malaprop?

    His conversations were so amusing. He spoke of his wife having all her facilities and would have been in perfect health except that she suffered from migrating headaches.

    Thinking of Arthur, I know exactly how he would have felt about these Tea Party people. I can close my eyes and hear him saying, " If they are so unhappy I suppose they will all go home now and assume the fatal position."


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