Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seeing Double--This Is What You've Driven Me To: The Blogpost Equivalent Of The Gameshow Channel. I Hope You're Happy.

Been a while since I did one of these silly little posts. Seems like it's been tough throughout the blogosphere to generate any interest in anything lately, so I'm going to take it easy and toss off a little cyberfluff.

If you watch Project Runway, you probably sighed a little this week when they let designer hottie Logan go. It was time--he was starting to get all "I think I'm rocker edgy, but really, all I can do is black and sleeveless, and I know I need to mix it up...somehow"--so he made a Judy Jetson waitress outfit. (last outfit shown) That Fashion Don't got him Auf'd. But do not despair! If you need a Quickie Logan Fix, just tune in to House. His twin, Jesse Spencer, works there playing Dr. Robert Chase. Don't believe me? Take a look:

Okay, as if I haven't already put my Sad, Pathetic Television Addiction out there, here's another one. Have you been watching Top Chef Las Vegas? I'm putting my money on chef Kevin Gillespie, who is a very nice guy who can cook, unlike the cutthroat and cyberbot-esque Voltaggio brothers. (Those guys give Sibling Rivalry a whole new meaning.) Anyway, see what you think about this:

There's just NO WAY the guy cannot be merry! His lookalikes star in TWO Christmas specials!

Next, all four of you Dept. readers know of my Breakup with David Gregory. But that has nothing to do with this. I used to laud DG for his bold cravatical choices in the past, especially his unabashed Wearing Of Pink. Lately, however, David has Fallen From Fashion Grace with a bigass thud. I have no idea what has happened. Anyone who still soldiers on and endures Meet the Press knows this is true, and when David appears on The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, I am forced to reckon with Mr. Gregory's newfound sartorial predilections, which seem to be akin to none other than Bill the Butcher:

Those of you who have been watching with any regularity at all know this to be absolutely true. His propensity for mixing patterns has become a disease. Ugh.

Finally, some of you may be aware of my vast and somewhat uncharacteristic/surprising store of sports knowledge/interest. (Could I use some more backslashes? I'll see.) It's a source of amazement to my students, especially the boys, who see me as a high-heel-wearing chick who wouldn't know the difference between a free throw and a punt. Even I am sometimes a bit regretfully flabbergasted at how many professional athletes I know by sight and how much I know about various aspects of basketball, football, baseball, and their related topics. (Most of it picked up in self-defense, living as I do with three men.) All of which is to say that this last pair doesn't even require you to know Toronto Raptor power forward (that's basketball, by the way) Chris Bosh. Just know that he is who I thought of immediately when my student Jessica B. brought me this souvenir from her band trip in Florida:

Do not tell me you don't see this! Imagine them both pink....Ha!

That's it. I can't do it anymore. I need a drink. Go twit or spacebook or something. Sigh. Not that I am bitter.


  1. Thanks, Nance! I needed that this morning. Keep up the great work!

  2. That's cute! My fave is the top chef guy!

    Next time you need a spoiler alert in your title...I liked Logan.

  3. Okay, it's coffee spray on the monitor time again.
    The flamingo thing? Priceless.
    You may need an addiction counsellor any day now, especially if you can find 'So They Think They Can Skate' - a Canadian competition in which the female from a champion pairs duo does a routine with a hockey player.

  4. Mary G.--Glad you got a chuckle! Sorry about your keyboard, though...

    Nina--I didn't think to put a spoiler alert in, but also thought that by now (several days later)most people would have seen it via the actual show, hulu, or heard it via gossip, blogs, or whatever. I'm sorry, though! I liked to LOOK at Logan, but his designs didn't seem to me to have much staying power. I look to Gordana to leave next; she's too mainstream/RTW to stay any longer.

    Karen--Oh, thanks! And you're welcome, dear. Glad to see you're still around. Every time I crunch into one of my store of Golden Delicious apples, I think of you.

  5. Never been a Gregory fan. I think he looks like a monkey and acts like a jackass. And I'll bet Chris Bosh would look right purty in pink!

  6. Your up-to-the-minute news bulletins and entertainment stuff is always dead on!!

  7. Why are the cute ones such terrible designers? Note that I don't have much more than this season as a frame of reference.

  8. Mikey--Or, why do designers often have such terrible taste in their personal outfits/hairstyles? Logan is cute, but what is with the bad hats?

    apathy lounge--it's my penchant for tv and news. i'm trying to make some good come of it.

    Melissa B.--DG does act terrible on MTP. i no longer watch it because of his bad manners.

  9. Wowser! Some great stuff here, Nance. I'm amazed you actually pick up on all of these resemblances/similarities and then find the photos to demonstrate them. Usually I watch television in a mindless daze. I have this fear that the more we dislike David Gregory, the better he will do. Soon we'll be seeing his mug and ugly outfits 24/7.


  10. Shirley--Oh, believe me, Jared and I are constantly finding resemblances like this but,sadly, most are athletes. Since he has a laptop connected to himself and the Interwebs 24/7, we do nothing but make comparisons and then Google pictures to prove it to each other.

    I know--we are a project. Sad, aren't we?


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