Thursday, May 27, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: When Wall Street And Whitney Houston Collide And No One Thought To Run Spell-Check

Not only are a spelling error and a punctuation error here, I am also mystified by the addition of the two red stars bracketing the imperative DON'T. Are they a design element or some sort of teabag punctuation mark? And doesn't the bow seem a bit like it's muddling the Message? It's like tacking on a little Tweety Bird-voiced "please?" or "okay?" at the end of the sign's directive.

Come on, tea party sign carrier! Go Hard Or Go Home!

found here:


  1. Mortage is a dreadful sounding word. Sounds like Dead-Time.

  2. I can only imagine that you are going to have an unending supply of these pitiful signs. Depressing.


  3. Heidi B1:57 AM

    Oh my goodness! I can just imagine how you are coping with this travesty! I remember 20 plus years ago when you were pulling your hair out at the word "ain't". And as a teacher you must be totally freaking out at all the tea party signage!

  4. Anonymous2:22 PM

    What does the "t" in t-bag stand for? Tool? And if so can we use the names "t-bag" and "d-bag" interchangeably? Since they both aparently are a slang name that are synonymous with each other?

  5. Anonymous--I was unaware of the more R-rated meaning of the slang term 'teabagger' or 'teabagging' until my 25-year old son laughingly clued me in. Gives a whole new side to "the movement."

    Heidi B.--I'd be thrilled if the word "ain't" was my biggest problem now, wouldn't I? LOL. Welcome to the Dept.! I now "tear my hair out" with the word "like" in teenspeak. But the teaparty gives me all new reasons to despair.

    Shirley--Depressing, yes. But entertaining to a certain extent, and it's nice to have no-brainer (pun intended) blog fodder once a week! Takes a lot of pressure off.

    J.--Or, perhaps the degree of decay of a corpse over time? i.e.--Upon exhumation of Mr. Chichester, we noted the extreme mortage due to the wet conditions present.


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