Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Would You Like Some Politics With That?

One would think that since I am a political junkie, I would be in heaven with this absurdly long Primary Season we've had, seeing as how it began last spring with a debate aired in late April. Now, we are actually all excited about THE! IOWA! CAUCUS! , a political ride in a wayback machine at which I think The Menfolk stand around in plaid knickers and weskits whilst the little ladies circulate demurely in petticoats and farthingales and serve lemonade and try very hard not to swoon. Or something. The press got all revved up about the results from a little flyover state which is geographically kinda mid-north, but whose personality is plumb South (give us our guns, God, and go-away-gays). Suddenly, a town meeting is do-or-die, and hurry, catch your breath because New Hampshire is here. (Two candidates for the Good Guys have already dropped out, Biden and Dodd.)

New Hampshire is not indicative of the tenor of the nation, either. (How many black people live in New Hampshire? How many Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, or Asians live there? NH has a much bigger percentage of registered Independents than other states, and this is for them an open primary. They can decide to cast their ballots either for a Democrat or a republican. ) The press, however, predict dire consequences for the candidates who don't do well here.
It would seem the Big States and Super Tuesday don't mean a thing. And that's what really frosts my cupcakes.

See, Ohio--my state--doesn't hold its primary until March. I don't know why, and I don't really care to know. All I know is this: I don't want my candidate, whomever that may be, to already be decided for me by then. Especially by THE MEDIA. Just because they've had a feeding frenzy of opportunism. You know what I mean because you're seeing it with Hillary. She wasn't "inevitable" until the media started all of its polling eleventy billion years ago. She became the presumptive front runner and then It started. And it became the "I-word." Inevitable. We saw it with Howard Dean. "The Scream" didn't take down Howard Dean (and, for the record, I was never a Howard Dean supporter), inevitability took down Howard Dean.

So, I'm irked at this stretched out, epic primary election season. It's unnecessary and reminds me of the Benjamin Franklin quote about visitors who stick around too long: "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." Well, politicians and the process, like fish, begin to stink, after almost a whole effing year. AND THAT'S JUST THE PRIMARIES!

Can someone please tell me why every state doesn't hold its primary on the same day? On a SUPER MEGA-TUESDAY, if you will? Seems fair to me. That way, the media can't pee in anyone's pool, so to speak. It's all fair and everyone gets a shot. Even Little Dennis.

Speaking of Dennis, I took a quiz online that was supposed to help match me to my candidate. I've cut and pasted the results below, as well as the link to the quiz so you can make a similar connection. I have to say that I'm a little concerned about my top results. Obviously, they can be analyzed in a variety of ways, and initially, one could say that the results show that I am in serious need of some psychiactric help. If one cares to be more astutely analytical, I think it shows just how deeply disillusioned (read: driven to the far left liberal agenda) I've become due to the Angel of Death's immoral and corrupt agenda for the past 7 years.

87% Dennis Kucinich
86% Mike Gravel
86% Chris Dodd
86% Barack Obama
85% John Edwards
84% Hillary Clinton
81% Joe Biden
75% Bill Richardson
40% Rudy Giuliani
26% Tom Tancredo
25% John McCain
23% Ron Paul
22% Mitt Romney
19% Mike Huckabee
10% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
Go take the quiz and get back to me in comments. I'm off to see the results of New Hampshire. Yawn. Screw them. Maybe I'll just watch a House rerun instead. Who cares about a bunch of Independent caucasians who talk funny anyway? ;-)


  1. I got Edwards at 86% at the top, and Ron Paul at the bottom with 6%.

    Yup, I like Edwards the best, so this result pleased me.

  2. Shirley6:33 PM

    Well, that was VERY interesting. Thanks so much for sharing the quiz. Isn't there some expression about throwing out the first couple answers/choices? If I do that and use "couple" by my definition, then my answers show my choice perfectly. ;-) And, Chris Dodd has already withdrawn. Finally, call me ignorant, but I confess I have never even heard of Tom Tancredo.

    84% Bill Richardson
    81% Chris Dodd
    78% Hillary Clinton
    77% Barack Obama
    77% John Edwards
    75% Mike Gravel
    69% Dennis Kucinich
    64% Joe Biden
    47% Rudy Giuliani
    43% John McCain
    40% Mike Huckabee
    35% Tom Tancredo
    31% Mitt Romney
    27% Ron Paul
    25% Fred Thompson

  3. plain jane9:03 PM

    Oh dear--talk about far left! Don't shoot me.

    95% Mike Gravel
    95% Dennis Kucinich
    81% John Edwards
    77% Barack Obama
    75% Chris Dodd
    74% Joe Biden
    72% Hillary Clinton
    67% Bill Richardson
    36% Rudy Giuliani
    28% John McCain
    27% Ron Paul
    22% Mike Huckabee
    20% Mitt Romney
    14% Tom Tancredo
    10% Fred Thompson

  4. plain jane--shoot you!? hell, i should marry you! lol. we are like twins almost.

    shirley--fear not: even I, the political maven that i am, had to google tancredo. i had no freaking clue.

    gina--welcome back to The Good Guys! i knew you couldn't diss the Dems for long! (we. are. the. future.)

  5. I suppose I'm ok with is

    our Results:
    Clinton Hillary Clinton
    Edwards John Edwards
    Obama Barack Obama
    Biden Joe Biden
    Romney Mitt Romney
    Giuliani Rudy Giuliani
    Dodd Chris Dodd
    Tancredo Tom Tancredo
    McCain John McCain
    Richardson Bill Richardson
    Thompson Fred Thompson
    Gravel Mike Gravel
    Kucinich Dennis Kucinich
    Huckabee Mike Huckabee
    Paul Ron Paul

    I'm surprised that you're not more excited. Yes, it's early but I love the buzz! Plus, I really enjoy the fact that Iowa is full of gun loving gay bashing white people and a black man came out looking pretty spiffy. I think the latter speaks volumes!!! I do agree that it seems a bit unfair that these small states get so much attention before we even get to cast our votes though. Because you're right, far too often the stinking media makes the choice for us and by the time we do get to vote, in some ways, it's already too late.

    I'm still super excited about Obama!!!

  6. I really have no idea what just happened to my comment. But I had a hard time getting it to post so I don't dare try and fix it. Owell.

  7. My husband and I campaigned for Dean in 2004 (well, from 2002 on) and I remember watching the Iowa caucus on CSPAN thinking,"What the heck is that?? That can't really be the way they do it..." and I was irritated that those two little states get to influence the rest of the nation. Our primary was bumped up, to next Tuesday. Because of that everyone except Hillary and Dennis abstained from inclusion on the ballot. So why have a primary here, I ask you? It is such a goofy game.

  8. Nance,

    No surprises here for me. I am going to vote for Hillary if she is the nominee.

    87% John Edwards
    86% Hillary Clinton
    83% Chris Dodd
    82% Barack Obama
    80% Dennis Kucinich
    77% Joe Biden
    77% Mike Gravel
    77% Bill Richardson
    47% Rudy Giuliani
    37% John McCain
    28% Mike Huckabee
    And so on, Ad Nauseum........

    I agree that we should have a National Primary Day. I despise the fact that states like Iowa and New Hampshire have so much influence on who our candidates will be.

    Great post, Nance. Loved the Quiz.

  9. Nancy6:30 PM


    As an experiment, I retook the test.

    This time I answered the questions completely opposite of how I really feel. Here are the results.

    93% Fred Thompson

    92% Mitt Romney

    86% Mike Huckabee

    80% John McCain

    79% Tom Tancredo

    70% Rudy Giuliani

    67% Ron Paul

    28% Bill Richardson

    23% Joe Biden

    23% Hillary Clinton

    20% John Edwards

    19% Barack Obama

    17% Chris Dodd

    16% Mike Gravel

    11% Dennis Kucinich

  10. nancy--interesting experiment. you've got to be happy with still finding out that you're a Good Guy all the way. thanks for the compliment on the post!

    laura--the whole michigan primary thing is quite confusing. how will this affect the general election? i don't get it.

    nina--it posted, just a little goofy. i see obama is a bit down on your list, though. hmmmmm....but he's still Your Guy. and i'm still finding it exciting, just irritated by the media's irresponsibility. this is what they did when bob kerrey pulled out of the presidential election before the primary got to ohio and i liked him. i just really get aggravated. we've now lost three candidates when only 2 states have had a chance to weigh in. it's ridiculous. and look what got lost in the bullshit in NH and Iowa--the fact that for the first time EVER in the USA, a black candidate and a woman each won a primary election for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! and they were too busy talking about the fact that Hillary CRIED and Barack beat Hillary. How very, very sad for all of us that two far more noble facts GOT LOST IN SUCH PETTY ONES.

    What is happening to us?

  11. Isn't it exasperating that "Independents" can march into the polls in Iowa and N.H. and select the candidate for my party?

    I work at my local polling place in PA. every election and we would NEVER allow someone without a party affiliation to vote in a Primary. We feel that unless you declare yourself to be either Rep. Or Dem. you have no right to have any imput in the selection of candidates for either party.

    You cannot guess how many people show up at Primary elections who are registered Independent and expect to vote. I wish they hadn't slept through Civics class.

  12. I was curious to see who I'd match up with the best, but after that I really don't care. It's far too early to really get into the race, and there's nobody I really like enough to get all gung-ho about it. I'm actually happy I'll be out of the country for three of the key months before the election because it means I won't be forced into hearing all of the squabbling.

    End rant.

  13. Carrie12:50 PM

    My top three are Gravel, Kucinich and Edwards. How pathetic and shameful is it that I've never even heard of Mike Gravel...? I really must turn on the TV more often.

    Ach, politics. "Somehow, I want to get away...and...and find a world where words like that don't exist!" "Oh my dear. . . whare is that country? Have you ever been there?"

  14. I say who cares that Hilliary cried. She probably planned that anyway. But you know, it would probably have been viewed as politically incorrect had the media focused on the fact that a non-white male did not top the cake this time. And we know that the media is always right. LMAO!!!

    And yes, Obama is still MY MAN. Love him.

  15. nina--PCness, i think, is far from the issue. it shows how far the country has come and the fact that we've finally reached a point of "colorblindness" in the truest sense of what MLK said: the content of a person's character. think of how exciting it really is! those voters who chose Obama did so because they truly looked at his capacity to lead, to change, to lift the country back to the position it held in the international community before GWB sullied its image. when i watch an Obama rally, i look at the composition of the crowd--it's incredibly diverse in age, race, gender. he's really reaching out. THAT'S the story. and it was so sadly missed. i'm still undecided as far as who my candidate is, and i'm watching everyone, as you know. i'm thrilled to see Obama starting to remember the Obama who was the keynote speaker to the 2004 Democratic Convention. THAT was the man I was waiting for.

    Carrie--LOL. Love the "Age of Innocence" reference. As long as we DO live in a world with politics, however, I must follow them. And don't worry too much about not knowing Gravel. He's a freak and is not a serious candidate. For fun, jump over to YouTube and search for his ad. It's hysterical.

    i.h.--as James Carville said, "It's all pretty tepid right now. Things haven't even begun to heat up yet." I can't wait.

    nancy--i just read a great article about the whole michigan primary debacle online. the more i read about our nation's primary election system, the more frustrated and aggravated i get. i really think we need to have one mega-super-tuesday and that's it. i mean, come on: iowa and new hampshire? geeze. front-loading the primaries with two little narrow states is just stupid.

  16. Nancy who hates that people can vote in primaries for folks who are not in their party:

    I agree, now that I am a bit older and wiser, that the Democrats should be able to vote for the Democratic candidate, and so on...but back in my youth, I didn't want to be held down by one party, they all pissed me off a bit, so I registered as Independent, thinking that meant I was Independent of any party, and could vote for whichever person I wanted, not for a party affiliation. Well, when I got to my polling place, I discovered that it meant I was now a part of the Independent Party, not no party, and I only had the choice of the stupid Independent candidate. That's when I gave up and went Democrat.

    Nance, you're so right...the whole idea that this is over when really, it's hardly begun, drives me bonkers. And since Tuesday, I'm kind of atwitter about the fact of Hillary and Obama and what it means for our country that they are the front runners right now. I feel very much a part of history being made.

    And sue me, but I for one LIKED Dean's scream. He had some enthusiasm and wasn't afraid to show it. I think our country could use a few more folks like that, personally. I didn't vote for him, I voted for Kucinich. But still. I liked the scream.

    I took the quiz this time, and I got Gravel as my #1. I don't know who he is, sadly. Next was Kucinich, and so on. I like Edwards a lot, but I think I'll probably end up voting for Hillary. I really, really want a woman president, and I don't know how long it will be before we get such a strong candidate again.

  17. I did this quiz about a week ago, so I don't have the percentages, but my highest was also Kucinich. It was kind of funny though, because I've really never considered voting for him. I'm still deciding between Edwards and Obama. I'm really not happy with either Clinton right now.

    And I agree about the primary dates. They just moved ours up a month!

  18. anali--how did Mass. get to do that? did they petition the DNC?

    j@jellyjules--gravel is not a serious contender, so don't feel bad. kucinich is not a contender from the standpoint that he'll make a showing in any primary, but he's a good conscience/principle vote in any primary.

  19. I don't know. They did it pretty recently though. I was really surprised.


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