Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Let me warn you now--the only reason I'm posting is because it's been about five days and it's time. I usually post about every five days, and I don't want to lose readers by not following through on the informal contract I've established here at the Dept.

But I've really got nothing to say. I'm at that stage right now where I'm that ten-year-old brat who's standing at the front door on June 15th, bathed in glorious sunshine while her mother is inside doing laundry, feeding the baby with one hand and unloading the dishwasher with the other, and I'm pushing my forehead through the screen whining, "but I'm bored!"

It's terrible. I have a really low Boredom Threshhold. I start handing back student papers in class, and I stop and make my aide do it because I get massively bored. I hate the whole tedium of it: look at the name, walk to the kid, hand the paper to the kid (sometimes waiting for the kid to realize that I'm standing right there in front of her with her paper in front of her), turn around, repeat ad nauseum. And the grading! Right now, I'm grading the Act II test of the Arthur Miller play The Crucible. There are two essay questions. Imagine reading the same responses 95 times. That's what I'm doing. I want to stab my own eyeballs out. I mean, I realize that it's necessary. And some of the responses are well-written enough that they are not a punishment to read. But it's not like I'm reading for pleasure here. I'm reading the same stuff over and over again. I have to. They have to include certain things in their responses. It's what I'm measuring. It's that time of year, you know?

And I'm continually bored with dinner. What does everyone feel like eating? What do I feel like making? Or, where do we feel like going? Blech. Who cares anymore? Do you know what I had last night for dinner, left alone to my own devices? Here it is, in order: a half-pint of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut-butter ice cream, a handful of Lay's potato chips, a half sandwich of cold meatloaf. Oh, and later, for a snack, a half of a bagel with a slice of Swiss cheese. Does this sound like the meal of an A.D.D. Refrigerator/Pantry Grazer or what? It's pathetic and sad. And it's all because I am intensely bored.

I'm already bored with The! New! Fall! Television! Lineup! . I wanted to watch "Journeyman" because it sounded like it would be very similar to a book I loved, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Instead, it got bogged down with a dumb secondary plotline and a completely unnecessary character and bored me senseless. That happened to me with "Heroes" last year. I started watching it, but soon realized that they were going to keep introducing character after character after character in a mindless and ceaseless parade for no apparent reason. I got hugely bored. (I surmise that they did, indeed, save the cheerleader, but I find that I don't care if they saved the world.) I wanted to really like "Chuck", but it got "dumb" and I got bored with all the double-agent crap in the second (third?) episode, and the characters got so cartoonish that I was actually yawning I was so bored. Scratch that one. I was charmed at first by "Pushing Daisies," but the nonstop narration started getting so invasively monotonous and boring that I kept noticing something annoying: for a guy whose second touch could kill the girl he's so crazy for, he sure gets damned close to her. Damned close. I just found that bothersome. I started obsessing over the fact that they didn't seem worried over that at all, and they stood really, really close to each other. A lot. To me, that's a problem.

But I digress.

My original point is, I am bored right now with stuff. Like the overall color scheme of my blog. But, I am not one to embrace change, nor risk alienating my readers. Plus, the blue is symbolic of my politics. Yet, I feel like I need a bit of a Fashion Makeover at the Dept. What do you think? Should I go for a new palette? What do you suggest?

Sigh. So many things to consider, yet I really don't feel like it. I'm suffering from Generalized Malaise. But, who isn't? Perhaps a change of scenery will do me good, both in cyberspace and the real world. I'm off for a bit of a getaway this weekend. When I come back, I'll try out your Blog Style Suggestions. In the meantime, I've given you plenty to Brainstorm about.


  1. You could watch Michigan politics, since you're at a safe distance. Right now, the state Dems and the national Dems are aiming at each other's feet, and hitting their own. Most of all the Dem POTUS candidates pulled out of our primary set for Jan. 15, as except for Hillary. So Barack, et al., are upset. And all because our primary was moved up.


  2. I have to say that I loved Pushing Daisies, and my, you remind me of my sister who always "worries" little details like a terrier. And gets bored. I keep telling her, "It's a TV SHOW DAMMNIT. Let go!"

    But I would never say that to you, because you are obviously not my sister.

    Maybe you should take up knitting?

  3. Nance it's funny you post this, because I am bored outta my effing mind right now!!!!!!! I really should watch this movie that I have, but I don't want to run the risk of THAT being boring! Perhaps I can get stuff ready for work/school tomorrow, but that would be too much like work and actual priorities which might bore me even MORE! I don't know what the hell to do...maybe I'll open a bottle of wine and bask in the randomness of my thoughts...

  4. I just made 38 enchiladas and cleaned the oven/stove. I'm bored. And the new episode of South Park isn't online yet, so I can't watch that. ::sigh::

  5. You know there is a new Daniel Day-Lewis movie coming out-- and he doesn't look half bad...well, I'll just say improved. Maybe that will take you out of your boredom slump a little. Something to look forward to anyway.

  6. I just wrote a post about the new tv season and our DVR is so packed with shows, I can't imagine being bored. That and Netflix sending me the DVD's of Gilmore Girls is keeping me pretty busy. We like "Journeyman" but I can see how the girlfriend (I guess that's the character you are talking about) could seem like an extra. I think she is going to be important eventually in teaching him about time travel. And thank you for agreeing with me about that incredibly obnoxious narration on "Pushing Daisies". And another thing. Didn't he bring that one guy back to life when he just brushed against him? His dog has never once in all those years brushed against his leg? C'mon. Hope you find some entertainment soon.

  7. I think you could come up with a blog color scheme based on your favorite BW tie.

    Glad to see there's someone out there who sometimes "makes" her own dinner like I do. Last night I had half a bag of Fritos that my son spilled on the floor--because, you know, we practice the five-second rule and I had just washed the floor so it was safe to eat the Fritos. Then I had a slice of Muenster cheese (no bagel).

    Good luck defeating the ennui.

  8. If you can hold out just a while longer Project Runway will be back on Nov. 14th!!!!

    If you change your blog layout, I'll still visit. Maybe you should go for some sesonal colors...and chage it every season. Then maybe you won't be so tired of it all the time :)

  9. nina--you are officially My New Best Friend Right Now for mentioning the start date for PJ Runway. I am going to start a countdown on my blog. Yay! And, I have thought about seasonal colors. I may try it.

    sputnik--bonus points for using "ennui". i also thought about an homage palette for one of brian's ties. or a green scheme in defiance of him. and good for you regarding Floor Fritos. for what other reason should one have a clean floor, then?

    mrs. who--you are intuitive! yes, i'm talking about olivia (?), the stewardess (apparently a 9/11 ref?) girlfriend who is supposedly a "guide" or whatever. and i don't like the artificiality of the people who he's sent to "track." but i guess they have to have a plot hook. p.s.--sorry. hate the gilmore girls.

    j.--i've been on DD-L Watch for a while now. you know i will always have a Thing For Him, but unless he goes back to Romantic Hero Status, i'm just not thrilled.

    i.h.--you must have been starving. LOL. please tell me that you watch something a bit more cerebral from time to time rather than S.P.

    tera--LOL--don't priorities and work really cut into our free time? golly, i hate that!

    gina--if we were sisters, we'd never, ever fight. i just know it. and i used to knit: long, long, bunchy things that bored me silly. but thanks anyway!!

    nancy in A2--you guys had that fascinating rethuglican debate a couple days ago. and now, MI is panicking the dems. and what's with that new mgm resort campaign? it sounds and looks like they're advertising a bordello! wow, Meeshigan better get their stuff together.

  10. Nancy5:23 PM


    I would prefer a hot needle in my eye to watching Pushing Daisies again.

    I got so GD nervous whenever that girl went anywhere near that fellow..

    I told Himself that if I were that girl I would move to California or as far away as I could get from him.

    Why would anyone in their right mind even stay in the same State as that guy??????

  11. I do watch other things, but South Park is generally a wonderful parody of life. You really should give it a chance. Gosh!

  12. And yet, she couldn't sit in the front seat of the car, lest they touch! I like the show still, but I am bothered by the close proximity of the two of them.

    Also, I'm bored too. I should be studying or doing something school related but it's too boring!

  13. I like the new color. Brian's tie was quite interesting! I had to look after such an enthusiastic write-up. And our teams go head to head tomorrow!! I guess you know who I'm rooting for! ; )

  14. Can I say it? I hated "The Crucible". I taught English and never did the sophomore year stint, so I was spared having to fake enjoyment of Miller's dismal offering. I had it when I was an Honors English student in high school and never quite grasped its meaning. Did I have a crappy teacher? Quite possibly. I'm sure you do a much better job imparting the meaning and value of this piece.

  15. V-Grrrl7:30 AM

    The new template is very sedate and tasteful, but needs a bit more dash for it to be worthy of your prose.

    I'd never survive grading papers. UGH.

  16. Pushing Daisies is indeed very flawed. I was quite disappointed in it for all the reasons you mentioned.

    New colors on the blog? Go for it if you want to. Sometimes you need a change of scene. Kind of like painting in your house or re-arranging the furniture. The substance will still be Nance. :-)

  17. ortizzle--i tried this new autumnal one, but it isn't getting the best reviews. i don't like the color choices offered by blogger, so i went searching for a color chooser and blender via google (Internet GOD!), and it's fun, but so worky. you know how ridiculously picky i am, so it takes me forever. it will be a work in progress.

    v-grrrl--your constructive criticism is well-taken. i'm still searching. and grading is hell. pure hell. i do as little as possible myself. the inane stuff, like true/false and multiple guess i have my aides do. i grade all the written response work. horrid.

    wordgirl--i love The Crucible. Miller's stage directions alone are brilliant. and the kids love the fact that it's based upon an actual historical event. who cannot appreciate the transformation of the tortured John Proctor? the horribly victimized Mary Warren? the so-needs-to-be-smackedness of Rev. Parris? oh...wait...that would be you. LOL. i get that it's turgid and, at times, darkly relentless. but it's so very human!

    anali--that tie was really something. i'm still not sure if i like it, but i certainly appreciate it. what about Game 2!? i'm still not over it. bet you're not either. what a series this will be!

    jenomena--i am all for suspending my disbelief, but really, they could at least give us some credit! sheesh!

    i.h.--i watched it a few times, but then it just got absolutely beyond stupid for me. i think the talking turd did it. i mean, come ON.

    nancy--i like the costuming and i like what's her name, the blonde. i like the premise. but the constant narrating and the presumption that they think the audience will now buy into just about ANYTHING really just irks me.
    it's just too too "nudge nudge wink wink" for me. it crossed the line from "smart" into "smug."

  18. Hmmm... I'm not exactly BORED, but I am a bit restless... and tired. But, that's me right now. Change your blog, see how that goes. I do enjoy watching all the "new" shows. I agree with you on Chuck, but the Hub has set the DVR to record every episode. Bleh. I like Heros (somewhat, it's getting a little wacky) and I like Journeyman (but it's not quite "right", either). I do enjoy a bunch of other shows, though. Of course, by the time I sit down to watch them, I end up falling asleep.

  19. circus kelli--hi, and welcome to the Dept! thanks for stopping by and chiming in. i did change up my blog here, but so far, it's not getting real rave reviews, so it's likely to change again. did you vote in my poll? once things settle down a bit at school--ha! yeah, right--i'll tweak the colors again. i'm already behind on putting up a post, but i've got one in the "almost ready" phase.

  20. plain jane10:04 AM

    I'm a fan of gray tones and you could put in a splash of blue for political purposes. I don't know what colors blogger offers but for a limited (and bit more offbeat) color palette I like to check out YOLO Colorhouse, I like Ocean 4, Desert 4 with a splash of Canyon 3 or 4.

  21. Nancy7:56 PM


    Did you watch "Cain" with Jimmy Smits?

    I really had to laugh. It is "Brothers and Sisters" in Spanish. There's Rita Moreno playing the Sally Field role, and all the adult sons and daughters having dinner at Mom Cain's house every night.

    In "B&S",it doesn't matter that they are marrying a candidate for POTUS,or that they run a vast winery or are successful lawyers in LA, they are expected in Pasadena every night for dinner with Mom Walker.

    Oh! the angst!!!!!

  22. plain jane--but yolo doesn't offer color codes for blog layout.

    nancy--i don't watch either one, despite Major Yummy and Longtime Fave Rob Lowe on B&S. He's a heartthrob from way back.


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