Friday, February 09, 2007

My Identity Crisis...?

The Internet is such a wellspring of entertainment. A few days ago, I was visiting Other Departments (see sidebar) and I was intrigued and tickled by a post over at Anali's First Amendment. She had visited a site that scanned a digital photo of her face and then supplied her with her "celebrity lookalikes." The results were, by and large, mystifying. Naturally, I had to pop over and try it out myself. I'm a bit of a privacy junkie when it comes to my actual physical being, so unlike Anali, you won't see what I actually look like. But let me assure you...these results are just, well, all over the place. I'll let the Dept. readers who have actually met me in person tell the rest of you what they think in the comments!

Here, then, are my "Celebrity Lookalikes:"

Now you can absolutely get a clear picture of me in your head, can't you? I can't even remember who all of these women are, but I think they are: J.K. Rowlings, Tia Carrere, Venus (?) Williams, Heather Locklear, Mira Sorvino, Penelope Cruz, Don't Know This One, Britney Spears' Sister.

Let me remind you that I am 47--will be 48 in May. And no, I did not cheat and use an old photo. There is no freaking way I look anything like Britney Spears' little sister. This software is ridiculous. Anali, who is a gorgeous woman, had a man come up as a celebrity lookalike! And, let me also say this: this man was someone I had never even heard of; ergo, he was not even a celebrity!

So! I know some of my readers are people who see me on a fairly regular basis, or are people who have seen me recently. Post in the comments and tell the rest of my visitors just how closely I resemble any of my Celebrity Lookalikes.

I can't wait.


  1. I had no idea you were blond!

    Now I must try this.


  2. danielle--

    To be completely fair, it is called "face recognition" software, so the hair color isn't really the issue. But it's funny, isn't it, that there are so many blondes?

  3. Hi, Nance! Sorry I haven't been around for a few posts! (Left you a message over at my place.)

    Gee.. I can't really comment, since I have never met you in person. I would sure like to, though. Is that good enough? :-)

  4. I really hope the FBI isn't using this software - they'd never find anybody!

  5. Nance, they got it EXACTLY right with the Heather Locklear suggestion!

  6. Gee, I did this and they came up with Ling Ling the Panda. I know I'm getting a little round and have dark circles around my eyes, but really! My other choice was Uncle Fester from the Munsters. I hate this software.


  7. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Nope, none of them look like you. Was that the right thing to say?

  8. Maybe it's the cheekbones? I'm noticing that they all have similar ones...

  9. O'tizz--What a nice thing to say! I hope it wasn't motivated by the fact that I supposedly resemble so many famous people.

    i.h.--No, that's what we have "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" for, I think. Besides, you're supposed to tell everyone which of the celebrities I actually do look like.

    v-grrrl--LOL, I wish. Maybe in that area around her roots...

    Your Highness--Sigh. I would never presume to tell you what to say. But go try the program yourself and let me know who you're a ringer for. I cannot wait.

    Anali--I think the cheekbone thing may be right. Although poor J.K. is so washed out in her photo, it's hard to tell she even has a face! And I really am stumped by the mouths; some are open and some are smiling widely. This software is wacko.

  10. DUH! In my comment to Anali, that second to the last sentence should read in part "some are'NT open and some are smiling widely."

    It's so cold in NE Ohio that I cannot type!

  11. The "I don't know" is Meg Ryan. Seems like it is a cheekbone thing, not hair or eyes. But really, is that a good way to compare people?

  12. J.--Nope, it's not Meg Ryan, and let me tell you why I know that: when the celebs first come up, they are identified. I remember the name of that woman coming up and me saying, "Who the heck is that!?", (i.e. i didn't recognize her as a celeb, even). The name wasn't "obviously foreign", so I'm not sure that she's Euro, but maybe she's a soap opera actress, or maybe someone who is a C or D list celeb. But she doesn't look like me, either, does she?


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