Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 2 Of My Crisis Begins: Situation Update

It's bad enough to get a crappy cold. Having a cold is miserable: the sneezing, the coughing, the sore throat--together or separately--make each day an endurance test. I've had this horrid cold for a week, and each day I hope that the next day I'll feel better. So far, I'm daily disappointed. This lousy thing has made lots of things awful, and now I'm going to complain about them.

The Many Ways This Cold Has Ruined My Life

1.I can't breathe, yet my nose keeps running.
2.My nose is full of crusty ick.
3.My face is cracked and chapped from wiping my nose.
4.I can't taste or smell anything.
5.My cough makes me sound like I've been smoking for sixty years.
6. I feel like I shouldn't get colds now that I'm retired.
7.All I do is cough, sneeze, blow my nose, suck on Ricolas, and wash my hands.

This evil disease doesn't deserve much more digital ink, so I'll keep my discussion brief. There has been something wrong with me since I was born in that I get every illness worse than the person who gave it to me. Ask anyone who knows me. I can't even be overtired without spiking a fever, so when I get a cold, no matter what I do, it will last two weeks and be The Worst Cold I Ever Had.

And why do I even have it? I am RETIRED. I'm not around eleventy thousand teenagers anymore in a closed environment. I wash my hands like it is my job. And, come on. RETIRED. Can't I have a pass? Can't I be retired from colds and contagious, annoying viruses and illnesses too?

Believe me when I tell you that I am living #7 as my daily routine. It is making me crazy. I have zero appetite because the various OTC Cold Remedies I am swallowing all have some kind of decongestant that works as an appetite suppressant. Add to that the fact that I can't taste or smell food anyway, and it seems a waste to even eat.

Is anyone funding research for this? Anyone? If so, why no progress? If not, why not? I'm ready for The Cure.


  1. My theory is that, your immune system, after 20 or so years of being regularly stimulated by constant exposure to teenage germs, is enjoying retirement, too, and has become weak and flabby. You need to go volunteer at a daycare or kindergarten or something, where you can expose your immune system to a miasma of germs so virulent they will shock it right off its retired a$$ and back into peak functionality.
    (All joking aside - I really, truly do sympathize. All I can say is that at least you're not having to contend with the stupid Yellow Dust on top of everything else. That's something, right? Get well soon.)

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I'm sorry for your misery. I agree, it would seem like your system should fend off any germs, but yet there you are.

    Maybe you've not been retired long enough for you to not be affected by retired person germs? Live through this cold, give it a few more years and you'll be golden.

    A golden buckeye, so to speak! ;-)

  3. Ally--Thank you. The "golden buckeye" was a bit below the belt, but I'll chalk it up to being unable to miss an opportunity for wordsmithing. LOL.

    MsCaroline--No, just the white dust. Snow flurries yesterday, and although there was no accumulation, it's just so irritating. Why can't this cold and winter just let go? March is typically up and down here, but we've been so hammered, that we're beaten up.

    It makes everything worse, like your omnipresent yellow dust. Another sign that we don't have as much control as we would like.

  4. Mike is like you - he always gets everything & is sicker than other folks. Our recent joint illness is a case in point - he was sick for several days longer than I was & was sicker too. I don't know what makes you two so special, but I hope they do figure out a cure soon!

    In the meantime, make sure you're using the softest tissues you can find!

  5. Yup, same way. Hubby gets stick and is over in a day or two. A week later and I'm still hacking away.

    I feel you on the chapped nose. Kleenex with Lotion is a must, although at this point it may not make a difference.

  6. Gina--I forgot all about those! Darn! Those would have been a great idea. Thanks anyway.

    Bug--It's ridiculous. My brother rarely gets sick and powers through it. I'm down for the count, no matter what. If I try to power through it, it takes me longer to get well. We academic types...our Larnin' makes us weak. LOL.

  7. Colds are so odious. And not being able to breathe, especially at night, is so exhausting. Hope you are beginning to come out of this. (The kleenex with lotion really does help--- except when you forget like I did once and use them to clean your glasses, lol.)

  8. Ortizzle--Boy, I sure am trying. Every day, I say aloud, "THIS IS THE DAY!" and then it's not the day. I feel a tiny bit better, but I'm still blowing crap out of my nose and coughing once in a while and feeling generally weak. It's not the flu, but a miserable cold with probably a sinus infection.

    Grey day here today--not much help!


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