Sunday, November 14, 2010

teaparty Prodigy Of The Week: Pot, Meet Kettle

And this guy has the nerve to look askance at the other person's sign?

Buddy, that sign epitomizes "intoleable acts." To paraphrase an old axiom: Idiot, heal thyself.

(And while you're at it, put the missing syllable back into Constitution, that document you teapartiers pretend to know so well and revere so highly. Maybe that beer you're holding has something to do with your inept spelling and lack of basic subject-verb agreement, but I doubt it.)

photo found here


  1. Nancy2:21 PM

    Oh, yes, for once I agree with the sign carrier.

    I also like that LEGISLOTION and think it's better than Jergens or Olay.

    And the lady with the liberty and less government sign..May I ask how you feel about a girdle?

  2. You find the best signs over at that sight. How sad that there is so much fodder that you can keep this going, that there's a whole web site based on it.

  3. J.@jj--I've used that site as well as a few Flicker streams and newspaper online presences who have done feature articles about the "teabonics" phenomenon, among other sources. Saddest of all, these morons have technically--I am supposed to believe--sent representatives to Our Government. I cannot wait to see/hear how they "function" in Congress.

    Nancy--I can't tell if there is a misspelling in Legislation or not. The letter is indecipherable to me. I refrained from commenting on the physique of the woman because I don't usually get into that sort of thing. I've been every size from a 0 to a 20 myself, and I know the battle and the Inner/Outer Commentary. As far as a girdle, women shouldn't have to wear them until men should!

  4. Nancy4:12 PM

    My husband told me about one of his golfing friends who,when undressing in the locker room, took off a girdle..

    My husband said,"Since when have you been wearing a girdle?"

    The guy replied,"Since my wife found it in the glove compartment of my car."


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