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Welcome to Purdy Sew 'N Sews, where you can add a one-of-a-kind, artistic touch to everyday life.   All prices include shipping, handling, etc.  *PayPal is handling transactions, so if you have an account there, you may use it; otherwise, payment options will be presented (credit card, etc.) at time of checkout.  At any time, you can view your shopping cart by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the View Cart button. If you have any questions about any of the items, you can reach Nance and me via the email link in the sidebar directly under the Purdy Sew 'N Sews logo.
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Ready to begin shopping?   From my workshop at present, I'm offering the following items:


Call it a portable office, an organizer, or a bill-paying portfolio; the name doesn't matter.  This lovely textile cover of chocolate and summersky will make you feel better about whatever you do.  Large enough for a legal pad, yet lightweight enough to carry in a tote or in your arms to a coffee shop, this organizer will help you look stylish and writerly.  Who wouldn't feel like making lists, writing a few poems, or even sketching when you have this?

Notice the slots for credit cards, the generous pocket for cash, cellphone, or reading glasses, behind which is another slot for a checkbook, large bills, coupons, or anything you can think of.  Two sturdy snaps hold the closure.  The complementary fabric is a cocoa brown with lace medallions.  Lovely!  $40 ( LP1)

Need something smaller for jotting quick notes, keeping track of birthdays, addresses, or club notes?  Maybe the idea of a Dream Journal intrigues you, or you're thinking of starting a Daily Affirmation diary.  This little portfolio would be ideal.  It is beautifully appointed in stripes of companion fabrics, incredibly matched.  Plum and lavender blend harmoniously with grey and white, and the closure, an asymmetrical triangle, is machine-embroidered with a flirty stitch.

"Little" is a relative term.  Inside this portfolio/organizer is plenty of space for a small notebook, four credit cards, cash or checkbook, and a couple of pens or pencils or a stylus.  The top flap of the cash pocket has sturdy snaps to keep it closed, as does the portfolio itself.  Lightweight and simply beautiful.  $30 (SP1)*
*has a companion piece: PURSE

The wristlet and the clutch--these are the purses that most women want now.  And why wouldn't they?  Huge bags, especially when out for the day, do nothing more than weigh them down.  Today's women want to travel light--a phone, some cash, a credit card or two, maybe some lipstick and a comb or brush.  Leave the rest in the car.  But there's no reason to think that traveling light means sacrificing fashion.  These one-of-a-kind clutches, made light and attractive, will hold your necessaries as you step out for the day.  You will also know you own the only one, a Purdy Sew 'N Sews original.  Ann never makes the same thing twice, ever.  Different fabrics, different charms, different embellishments...every creation is an Original.

So classic!  Navy and white, that crisp, fresh combination will never go out of style.  This clutch capitalizes on its timeless look with two contrasting, yet complementary, fabrics.  Add some embroidery on the band, a scalloped flap closure, and that sweetly elegant button bow, and you've got a purse that can go anywhere at any time.  But wait!  Did you notice...

...this adorable charm?  Now you have to have it!  And you can. $30  (BOWC)

The first thing you notice on this little baglet is its violet trimmings.  There is a veritable constellation of purple embroidery arcing around the flap, and the charming fabric-covered purple button seems to radiate moonbeams of violet.  The clutch itself is ebony with smoky swirls, and a surprise awaits you inside:  a brilliant orchid lining.  Too, too gorgeous.  This is the purse Maleficent would carry!  Here's a look at the wrist strap and its charms--

--including its charming embroidery.  Be Bad!  Make it yours.  $25 (VIOC)

This little clutch is bigger than it looks.  Its generous flap allows for plenty of stuffing.  You'll notice its companion fabrics are the same print, but the purse is grey with white and the trim and wrist strap are navy and white.  The front jaunty bow is angled and affixed with a silver and black button.*  And the charms on this purse?

Charming!  $25  (CALC) *has a companion piece:  SMALL PORTFOLIO

Turquoise and brown are a classy combination, and the addition of copper embellishments make this clutch a real designer's delight.  There is a real World Village appeal to this little bag, from the embroidery pattern to the carefully chosen button to the elephant charm. The tucking on the flap closure is an added bonus, and so is its lovely turquoise lining.  And because that flap is so generous, you can toss a few extra things in this bag.  Plus...

...who doesn't love a mini elephant?  $25 (ELEC)

That's the inventory for now in Purdy Sew 'N Sews.  To order, simply click the Add to Cart buttons.


*All of my items are made from cotton or other natural fibers, unless stipulated in the descriptions.
*All of the purses are fully washable.  I do NOT recommend washing the portfolios in a machine, but some spot-washing with mild soap and water is fine.
*All closures are strong magnetic snaps.
*Because my pieces are functional textile art, I do not do custom orders.  Please understand.  I hope you find something you like from one of my inspired pieces.
*If you have suggestions or questions, please do email me at the link in the sidebar. While I do not take custom orders, I do take inspiration!
* Thank you for browsing my new shop!  I'm excited to be working with my cousin and happy to give my textile art new homes.

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